Handsfree Kit Installation

Being a Parrot Certified handsfree dealer you are guaranteed the very best pricing and service. Due to us only fitting UK approved stock you will get a full 2 year warranty on any Parrot hands free kit supplied and fitted by us in Oldham and Greater Manchester. Having a Bluetooth Hands free system is a must have due to the large fines of £100 and 3 points on your license if you use the phone while driving. A Hands free kit keeps you legal and safe while on the road. If you only use the phone a small amount while driving you will only need a kit with buttons. If your a large user of your mobile phone I would always suggest getting a hands free system with a display, so you can see who’s calling and dial out from your phone book displayed on the kit. Parrot are now the largest supplier of Bluetooth hands free kits in the world and they are the first to update there kits with the latest firmware required for new phones. All these Bluetooth systems use the vehicles speakers when making and receiving calls for the very best call quality. The MKI series of Parrot Bluetooth handsfree kits also feature an on board amplifier to give you a much better in car music experience.

The MKI series of kits are designed with the iPhone and iPod in mind giving you charging and music playback through your vehicles speakers, this allows you to view your songs and albums by the Parrot display, This not only gives you ease of use but it is very safe to use while driving. All the Parrot hands free systems can be linked to your vehicles steering wheel controls providing an interface is available for your vehicle.

We use all approved fitting connectors when installing your kit to avoid affecting your vehicles warranty and to cause no damage to your vehicles wiring or vehicle dashboard. all the kit is fitted in a neat matter and in most cases the only parts you will see is a very small microphone and a sleek display/controller.

No damage will be made to your vehicle during the installation due to us only using strong trim tape to secure the display or controller to your vehicles dashboard. No parts are drilled into the dashboard, All vehicle trim is removed by plastic specialist trim removal tools giving you a very neat installation which is reliable and lasts for many years. Where possible we use plastic mounting brackets to give you a selection of choice where the kits screen is mounted. All hands free Bluetooth kits we supply and install can be removed at a later date and re fitted into a new vehicle, the best part is there is no trace the hands free was fitted which is a huge piece of mind if you change your car every year.

If you would like a Bluetooth hands free kit installed in Oldham or Greater Manchester, please contact A1 Decode

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