ECU Remapping


Most modern vehicles on the road today have an ECU. The ECU could be described as the vehicles brains as it contains a processor which gathers information from various sensors throughout the engine, which then analysis information such as engine temperature, accelerator pedal angle as well as many more different parts. Using this information acquired from these sensors it can then add the correct quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide a healthy mix for fuel economy, performance and emission control when setting off, overtaking or speeding down the motorway.


One main benefit of remapping will be a reduction in fuel consumption meaning that fuel will last you longer so saving YOU money. With the gained extra torque especially at the lower rev range you will see a fuel saving, as it will require less throttle input.

ECU remapping not only improves the engines power and torque, it will also heighten throttle response and expand the power-band. This means things like power delivery will be a lot more linear, which in turn will make the vehicle feel a lot more responsive too. The vehicles power output is frequently restricted by the manufacturer for no reason. Being a driving enthusiast, there is no need for such restrictions to be placed upon your ECU and reducing its performance therefore getting your ECU remapped you could benefit from the hidden power and torque that is hiding within your engine management system.


What ECU remapping is, is taking a read from the ECU’s processing chip and adjusting various parameters within the chip’s processes such as boost pressure, fuel pressure, ignition advance and throttle control amongst others to release the engines true performance. It’s a safe process as it’s only giving the engine the performance the company should have tuned in the first place. Each engine will have its own unique map that we can tune finely to gain the economy and efficiency resulting in the engine; increasing power and in other cases reducing fuel consumption too.

When a company develops a new car, they take into consideration all of the conditions in every region where they intend to distribute the vehicle. What that means is that instead of just optimising the ECU to deliver the best performance or the highest efficiency, they have to make changes to the map to take into account the potential change in operating conditions. These could include fuel, strong fluctuations in altitude and temperature and even the possibility that the vehicle might not have been serviced on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturers recommended instructions.


Benefits what an ECU upgrade to your turbocharged diesel engine may deliver:

  • Increased torque
  • Increased horsepower
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safer overtaking

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